Everyone should try doing this.

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I’m 25. I want to travel the world, be creative and have endless free time to question my life, watch Netflix and hang out with my friends, but… I live in NYC, one of the most expensive cities in the world. Here are some tactics I’ve practiced in order to save money. They haven’t made me rich, but some have created positive change in my life and all have given me more time to follow my passions. Here they are for Better (+) or Worse (-).

1. Switch from tampons to the Diva Cup.

+ Tampons’ reputation has long been tarnished by knowledge that they may cause Toxic Shock Syndrome. Diva cups carry no such threat and are also great for women with heavy periods. It is easy to go through a ton of tampons each month, which can be expensive. If you take care of your Diva Cup it takes…

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