In the past months, Philippines had been hit by calamities ( earthquake and typhoon Yolanda), places were ruined, families got broken through deaths and lives were devastated. It felt like the day of judgment has come due to those heart breaking events but sometimes its just a call for us to be reminded that we need each other to live.

 The great devastation that comes few months ago awaken people to have that passion of helping and be more aware of the environment. Donations in kind and cash came from different people all over the world. Even children do their part in helping and people from different ages who spare some time and spend it volunteering  It is then we see how a little help if bind together can do great things to affected families. Just the deed of helping out packing relief goods or donating your savings from your piggy bank or giving your old clothes or even sacrificing your parties just to help can do a big difference.


 Little acts of kindness that sincere can go a long way. It can draw a smile in every affected individual. Just a small time we spare to help or volunteer to something that can do good to someone is such a noble act. Your little help can have a big impact to the person who will be receiving it. Nothing beats the smile you see when you reach out to someone who is in great need of help. Its like giving sunshine to a gloomy place in your own little way.